GROHE Blue S-size filter starter set

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GROHE Red filter with filter head – purity and taste for regions with hard water

A great way to enjoy delicious tasting water where there’s a high level of water hardness (higher than 12° KH) – that’s the GROHE Red Filter with filter head for the GROHE RED system for instant boiling water straight from the tap. The smart filter guarantees purity, which means the water is delectable to drink and the lifetime of your tap and boiler is boosted too. Through five purification phases, the water is continually refined into a soft drinkable water with a wonderful taste. Undesirable substances, fine particles and heavy metals are filtered out and the lime content is reduced, leaving pure, great-tasting water. The filter cartridge is swift and simple to replace: Unscrew the old cartridge, insert a new one*, and you're ready to go. A clear display will reveal when the capacity is up. * You can use different GROHE filters depending on the capacity and water hardness.

  • consists of:
  • GROHE Blue filter head
  • GROHE Blue S-Size filter for taste improvement and water hardness reduction
  • Estimated capacity 2000 L at 3° dKH

  • flow meter for filter lifetime measurement including 2 x AA batteries
  • compatible with GROHE Blue Pure single faucets and GROHE Red water systems
Pos.-nr. Prod. Description Order-nr.
1 filter head 64508001
2 Filter S-Size 40404001