Egå Church
Egå , Denmark

The pretty church in the parish of Egå in Denmark is typical of many such buildings in the area. The oldest parts, including the nave, date back to the 12th century, with later additions in Gothic style. This historic haven however has had a very 21st century addition, thanks to the installation of a GROHE Sense Guard following water damage caused by a leak.

After the parish priest and his family returned from a holiday they discovered an outbreak of harmful mold, eventually traced to a leaking pipe. The total cost for the clean-up, as well as the wasted water that had been used, totaled over one million kroner. The solution? Fitting a GROHE Sense Guard system which not only alerts the churchwarden to any changes in water consumption or humidity levels, but also has an automatic shut-off function that stops leaking water remotely, preventing any further water damage or floods – even if the priest is taking another well-earned holiday.

Project address: Egå Mosevej 7 8250 Egå, Denmark
Date of completion: 2018

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