Cabin One
Berlin, Germany

The cabin is typically associated with the wilderness, but exciting new project Cabin One has its sights set closer to home. The compact living module is the perfect fit for the rooftops of even the most crowded city. Berlin alone, where the cabin prototype currently resides, has space for 55,000 such cabins on its unused roofs.

Inspired in part by the Tiny House movement, Cabin One has been designed to slot into and above scraps of space in the urban landscape, and is in tune with environmental concerns. The cabin is designed to be modular and resource-efficient, powered by solar batteries integrated into the floor, and consists of an outer hull with 25sqm of kitchen, bathroom and bedroom facilities within. With space efficiency key to the design, the architects specified the GROHE Red filtered and boiling water system for the kitchen, while in the bathroom a GROHE Rapido T concealed thermostatic mixer was used.

Architect: Simon Becker and Andreas Rauch

Project address
Kiefholzstraße 1, K1, Aufgang 1
12435 Berlin, Germany
Date of completion: 2018

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