Dancing House Hotel
Prague, Czech Republic

The Dancing House is one of the most famous buildings in the Czech capital.

The famous Dancing House, also known as Ginger & Fred, was designed in the 1990s by AmericanCanadian architect Frank Owen Gehry, together with the Czech architect of Croatian origin, Vlado Milunic. In 2016, Luxury Suites company opened a luxurious, four-star DANCING HOUSE HOTEL within it. It contains 40 suites utilising timeless, elegant design. The hotel is located on the Vltava’s right bank and offers an incredible view of Old Town and Prague Castle. For foreign visitors, the Dancing House is an icon of Prague, almost as well-known as Charles Bridge and St Vitus Cathedral. In the bathrooms the GROHE Lineare series impresses with clear shapes. Like the architectural concept of Dancing House, the interplay between the cylindrical and rectangular shapes creates harmonious aesthetics and dynamic elements. Endless water enjoyment at the foot of the famous Vltava

Architect: Ing. arch. Vladimír Kríz

Interior designer: Ing. Lenka Víznerová/Innex

Number of rooms: 40

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