GROHE DreamSpray®

Innovative quality showers for luxurious revitalisation and wellbeing.

GROHE DreamSpray® technology is at the heart of every GROHE shower. Boasting the absolute finest quality, it incorporates innovation that helps you to enjoy an unparalleled showering experience. The advanced shower engines inside the shower head deliver utmost precision and consistent water distribution to each individual nozzle. Whatever spray pattern you choose, for whatever your mood, you will be assured of sheer fun under the shower.

Exciting innovations include the new and highly sophisticated GROHE Bokoma Spray®: eight flexible nozzles create a 'breathing' effect, imitating a relaxing fingertip massage.

The GROHE Rain O2 technology infuses water drops with air for a fuller, richer shower spray. But there is more. Some of the latest GROHE showers offer the choice between the classic GROHE Rain Spray and GROHE Rain O2. This allows you to choose between a softer or more active jet at any time for every member of your family.

The One-Click Showering spray selector gives you direct access to your preferred spray pattern. Never again will you have to twist the spray face or click through several patterns to reach the one you want.
Just press the corresponding button and enjoy.

Together with our GROHE CoolTouch®, GROHE StarLight® and GROHE EcoJoy™ technologies, you will have an unsurpassable showering experience.

GROHE DreamSpray® shower innovations

Inner Water Guide

InnerWater Guide

The InnerWater Guide protects against scalding and prolongs the life of the chrome surface.

GROHE One-Click Showering

Direct access to your preferred spray.

GROHE Rain O2 Spray

Simply choose between GROHE Rain Spray - the classic - or the air-infused GROHE Rain O2 Spray.

GROHE Bokoma Spray®

Enjoy the feeling of a fingertip massage with the innovative GROHE Bokoma Spray® engine.


A simple wipe of a finger is all you need to remove any limescale.

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